Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Embroidered Polo Shirts

Embroidered polo shirts are also known as tennis or golf shirts. For the most part they are T-shaped shirts with a collar that has two or three buttons that line a slit below the shirts collar. Some versions of these shirts come with a zipper in place of the buttons; or may not contain a zipper or buttons at all, and may instead be left open. Optional pockets appear on some variations as well.

The majority of Knit Shirts are crafted with knitted cotton and are not made of woven cloth. This makes them more durable and also prevents them from collecting the excessive sweat that woven shirts may quickly acquire. The cotton used in crafting this type of shirt is generally pique. Less commonly used is silk, merino wool, or synthetic fibers.

An embroidered polo shirt is a typical tennis or golf styled polo shirt that contains special stitch work. The art of embroidery is the decorating of fabric with designs or logos that are stitched into the fabric of the shirt. Most embroidery is done with thread or yarn using a needle. However, some embroidery on these types of shirts may be done with light metal strips, pearls, beads, and even sequins.

Light-weight fabric that is generally fitted to the frame of an average body type is what makes this variant of clothing very effective when worn by sports players. It gives perfect mobility and is easy to move around in.

When Polo Shirts were first fashioned they featured long sleeves and lacked buttons or a V. This caused the shirting to pull along the neck and the sleeves prevented players from moving with complete control. But as time progressed, the polo shirt evolved, and is now used in a variety of sporting events, and commonly amongst the general public.

Embroidered shirts have always been very sophisticated and eloquent in design. This is why they have become so wildly popular in recent years. At one time you would only see polo shirts being worn by the wealthy at country clubs. But in recent society almost everyone owns a variation of this shirt.

Adding embroidery to a polo shirt really adds character and style to the fabric. Embroidery can come in the fashion of logos that many sports teams or personalities add to their shirts to display their team pride.

Apart from sports, embroidery on these shirts can also found on servers and waiters in restaurants all over the world. The classic look and durability of an embroidered polo shirt is what is drawing so many people to adding them to their personal wardrobe. For that casual-preppy and sophisticated look there is no other choice.

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