Monday, 23 June 2014

Handy Clothing Tricks to Add Curves to your Figure

Want to know some clothing tricks that will give you curves and flatter your figure? I just love to shop a lot of variety of clothes that can truly reflect my personal taste and style. Here I’m sharing one of the clever clothing tricks that will surely give you curves and maintain your figure flattering style.

•  Wearing a wide belt is one of the simplest ways to cinch or accentuate your waist. What type of fabric you want to go for? You need to own a style that is made with elasticated fabric, as this will hug your natural waist while the rigid fabrics like leather won’t cling and flatter you shape you want.

•  Wearing a full skirt can also give you the illusion of curves-think of 50’s dresses-especially when perfectly matched with a wide belt. You can also team it with a fitted casual top or lightweight sweatshirt so that this look will not make you look an egg timer! Avoid wearing a full gown style instead look for the one that add some fullness at the hem. Have you ever tried a layering technique? If no, then you can try it out to create curves. As a bonus, wearing layering pieces can keep you warm in cold weather. A classic vest or lightweight cardigan can pop up your casual top and add curves to your overall figure.

•  What to do you think of ruffles? Wearing ruffle shirts are the best way of giving the impression of curves around the torso and bust. Tri mountain short sleeve woven shirt is one of my favorite styles. Its ruffle trim along the front and ruching along the sleeves add a feminine yet elegant touch to your personality.

There’s just nothing wrong with no having a curvy shape, but sometimes you want to look impressive and get the full-figured look. There is a plenty of clothing tricks available that will maintain your curvy figure. Just be happy with your straight-up-and-down figure. Tri-mountain big and tall clothing gives you great inspirations about clothing styles that can fit you right while helping you to emphasize your curvy figure. Browse at Buytrimountain and get amazed with incredible clothing options!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Classic Fashion Trends for Summer 2014

Summer is just fast approaching. Anyone eagerly anticipate the season of frivolity and fun. It’s the best time to prep our closet with some of summer’s classic fashion trends. Just check out here some of the great summer clothing items, and you’ll be ready for just about anything that you want to go..

Express your casual style with T-shirt

T-shirt is just the classic yet perfect way to go for your summer closet. You can easily wear from day to night by transitioning into slightly trendy footwear and yes with some adorable accessories. The best thing about wearing a casual tee it is a comfortable fit and its quality fabric will enable to stay relaxed during hot sizzling weather.

Make sure you to have a classic Polo shirt

We've snug the praises of classic shirts for all seasons, and hot weather is no exception. Usually, every outfit looks casual and ultra chic when you start with a classic polo shirt- you can easily even throw it over your swimsuit at the beach.

Don’t underestimate the power of Layering

Layering isn’t just for cold weather conditions. Simply adding a casual knot top under sundress or a button down shirt with a lightweight cardigan is ideal for summer. Try this classic trick when you’re totally bored with your summer outfits.

Style your favorite Boots

During the summer, it doesn’t mean you put your boots away or you can’t style boots anymore.. Although they’re heavier than your strappy sandals, but they can add a reviving touch to your favorite sundress or shorts.

 Do invest in Classic and Fun Accessories

Try to wear a new sunglass.. Whether it’s oversize, cat-eye, or round you have to try a classic shape you’ve never tried before..You can also find a brightly colored shoes or bag to pair with your wardrobe basics-This will surely infuse a little edge to your overall summer style!

 So, get ready to greet this summer with some classic summer trends and update your new refreshing style! If you want to look more daring and create a classic casual style, try on Tri Mountain women’s clothing which is available in unique styles, vivacious colors at Buytrimountain.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

3 Great Styles of Tri Mountain Shirts- Feel Cool this Summer

As the summer season is just about to come, now it’s the right time to invest in men’s shirts. Nowadays, menswear is available in countless of styles, various designs and cool fabrics including anti pilling, insect repellent, sun shields, moisture wicking and more. But when it comes to selecting quality men’s shirts, you have to be sure they keep you cool during all summertime. Here is listed three classic styles of TriMountain men’s shirts that are sure to be your wardrobe favorites this season!

This long sleeve pocket polo is a must-have for almost every man’s closet. This classic polo shirt is super soft as its quality fabric is just outstanding for performance and comfort. Now how you can style this polo? You can put this shirt with your shorts and sweatpants. A wide array of colors pick more than one from an array of fifteen awesome of the few of colors including black, dark brown, charcoal, purple, sunflower, red and more.. Choose from size range of XS-4XL.

Tri Mountain Poly Ultra Cool Crewneck Shirt
This poly ultra cool crewneck shirt is a wardrobe staple that can be worn every day. Whether you are going for a beach or a morning walk, this crewneck style shirt would be an appropriate choice! Choose from 12 different amazing colors including black, maroon, green, gold, gray, blue, khaki, lime green, navy, osha orange, red and Columbia blue. You’ll have size range from S-4XL.

Tri Mountain Yard Dyed Striped Polo
Whether its a weekend night or a sports event, this versatile stripe polo is just perfect choice for you guys! It is manufactured with 100% polyester fabric while its ultra cool moisture wicking technology keep you remain in comfort and dry at all times. Number of fabulous color choices available including black, dark brown, forest green, gray and navy. The size range is available from S-4XLT.

Every man’s summer closet should include a casual polo shirt, classic t-shirt and sweatshirt for beach parties, cool mornings and casual get-togethers. Give your wardrobe, a new revive with the classic styles of men’s shirts! You can also get a tremendous variety of Tri mountain polo shirts at Buytrimountain...Just browse and shop your style what you want to own!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Amazing Styles of Women’s Tops for this Summer

Looking for some classic clothing options? Women’s fashion has a huge variety of choices in nearly all types of clothing. Women’s casual shirts are just perfect for every occasion and highlight your fashion sense. There is a number of style shirts available for business settings, work out, night out or just something casual to wear for friends gatherings.

Blouse is a most common style shirt for women, especially for professional settings. The blouse has a collar and buttons in the front, which keep you, look sophisticated and well dressed at work. Whether you want to select long or short sleeves, you have numerous options to choose one of your favorite colors that keep you look great at all times.

Spaghetti Strap
This classic style shirt is a popular summertime shirt and perfect to wear for casual occasions. It is usually lightweight, has unique patterns and styles, which allow supreme comfort and style. The spaghetti strap top can be style with a lightweight sweater, shorts, skirts and jeans and make you look classy throughout the occasion.

Tunic Top
Looking for something versatile? Tunic would be the best choice for your casual closet as it is usually longer and extending far beyond the waistline. They come in such a huge range of colors, fabrics and patterns. So, you’ll discover your desired color choice that best suits with your skin tone. The possibilities to wear this classic top are just endless, including belted with shorts, skirts, pants and leggings.

Polo Shirts
Polo shirts with one or three buttons, usually known as men’s shirts. Now this classic piece of item has become part of women’s closet. They are usually dressy enough to style at work or different social gatherings. Pick up one of favorite designs of polo shirt that will keep you remain in a comfort while still maintaining a perfect casual look.
So, bundle up all of these great summer top choices to revive your overall summer style. Buytrimountain also makes it easier for you by offering such a quality Tri mountain clothing which is suitable for almost all occasions. Just browse your favorite top and have fun throughout this summer!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Classic Summer Clothing-Calling All Men

It’s again summer here.. Days are getting too long; clothes are getting airy and shorter. So, guys what’s going on your mind? For all daring fashionistas, fashion is a very intricate thing with different cuts and styles. However, men’s summer clothing is much easier and simpler than you might think. Every single guy want a more decent and sophisticated style. Check out here some great inspiration about men’s summer clothing, which helps you to remain in fashion throughout the season!

Cool Casual Tops
Are you thinking to shop a mint green shirt with some bright colored scrolls along the sides? No, think again... it’s not fair for you.. Bizarrely or unconventional designs and colors can create big problems for you! Therefore, it’s advisable for you guys to must follow traditional or basic solid colors in summer t-shirts, Tri mountain polo shirts, button downs and camp shirts. These casual tops will be guaranteed you to provide a classy, cool feel during hot days.

Simple Casual Bottoms
The best part about men’s summer outfits is the simplest style and fashion. To attain a casual summer style, sweatpants, basic knee-length shorts and yoga pants are just perfect! In fact, creating a refreshing summer ensemble for men doesn’t require a lot of experimentations, it is quite simple and easy… Isn’t it?

Go Classic
Khakis are just the traditional choice for men who want to refresh their summer wardrobe! You can go for gray colored bottoms, as this color choice is versatile enough to pair well with your majority of summer attire! Gray bottoms and khakis will look more appropriate for men’s summer fashion!
Last but not the least, accessories! Try to look for shoes that help you to look classy as well as comfortable for warm weather.

Summer fashion is just about fun.. Having a happy and successful summer require some planning, with some creativity, you can take the heat wave and have fun during all summer long! Try all of these summertime tips for men as they will certainly help all of you guys out there to remain more classy this year! Browse and shop at Buytrimountain, you’ll surely get your desired summer clothing at great prices!

Monday, 29 July 2013

Tri mountain Women’s Casual Jackets- The Ultimate Choice of Cold Season

During the cold season and outdoor events, it's necessary to dress up with the right outerwear that keeps you warm and stay in style. Check out the versatile styles of Tri mountain women’s winter casual jackets that looks perfect for casual and outdoor settings.

Fleece Jackets

Women’s Brushed Back Fleece Jacket

This style of women’s jacket is the perfect outerwear choice for cold season. Its quality 100% polyester anti-pilling micro fleece fabric allows the high level of comfort and additional warmth for long. Its breathable and moisture wicking fabric wick body moisture away and makes you feel cool an dry.
Water Proof Jackets

Women’s Water Resistant Long Sleeve Jacket

This style of women’s jacket is perfect for outdoor settings. This three-season jacket can be worn during all three seasons. It is constructed with a shell constructed with windproof/water resistant polyester fabric which renders excellent protection against extreme snow and rainy weather. Layer it with your casual shirt and pair it with sweat pants, long straight trousers to keep you comfortable and maintain added warmth.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Try Stripped Shirts to Compliment your Body Nature

It’s time to start shopping and investing in some new clothes for the upcoming season. Even though, it’s quite difficult to finding the right clothing style that flatters your body type and on top of that completely matches to your personality. One of the trends that never go out of style is wearing stripped shirts as they look stylish and goes well on every season.

Stripe shirts are available in three styles:
1.    Vertical
2.    Stripped
3.    Diagonal style pattern

Try to choose stripes carefully as it can be your figure flattering best friend or your worst enemy. So, it’s necessary to knowing the right tricks when and how to carry these shirts.

Go for vertical Tri Mountain Stripes Shirts as they always look good and compliment all body types. Moreover, vertical stripe shirts give a perfect, taller and slimmer look.

Use horizontal stripe shirts in a more careful way, as these shirts usually add volume in your body if you are too slim and thin. Try not to go for horizontal striped if you are big and tall. Make sure, it is not too tight or loose as an ill-fitting shirt will be uncomfortable and may break your personality image.

Opt for diagonal stripes, if you are overweight and tall it helpsyouhide your curves and body bulges.

So, choosing the right stripe patterned shirt is very important that compliments your figure, personality and style.