Monday, 23 June 2014

Handy Clothing Tricks to Add Curves to your Figure

Want to know some clothing tricks that will give you curves and flatter your figure? I just love to shop a lot of variety of clothes that can truly reflect my personal taste and style. Here I’m sharing one of the clever clothing tricks that will surely give you curves and maintain your figure flattering style.

•  Wearing a wide belt is one of the simplest ways to cinch or accentuate your waist. What type of fabric you want to go for? You need to own a style that is made with elasticated fabric, as this will hug your natural waist while the rigid fabrics like leather won’t cling and flatter you shape you want.

•  Wearing a full skirt can also give you the illusion of curves-think of 50’s dresses-especially when perfectly matched with a wide belt. You can also team it with a fitted casual top or lightweight sweatshirt so that this look will not make you look an egg timer! Avoid wearing a full gown style instead look for the one that add some fullness at the hem. Have you ever tried a layering technique? If no, then you can try it out to create curves. As a bonus, wearing layering pieces can keep you warm in cold weather. A classic vest or lightweight cardigan can pop up your casual top and add curves to your overall figure.

•  What to do you think of ruffles? Wearing ruffle shirts are the best way of giving the impression of curves around the torso and bust. Tri mountain short sleeve woven shirt is one of my favorite styles. Its ruffle trim along the front and ruching along the sleeves add a feminine yet elegant touch to your personality.

There’s just nothing wrong with no having a curvy shape, but sometimes you want to look impressive and get the full-figured look. There is a plenty of clothing tricks available that will maintain your curvy figure. Just be happy with your straight-up-and-down figure. Tri-mountain big and tall clothing gives you great inspirations about clothing styles that can fit you right while helping you to emphasize your curvy figure. Browse at Buytrimountain and get amazed with incredible clothing options!

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