Monday, 17 June 2013

Try Stripped Shirts to Compliment your Body Nature

It’s time to start shopping and investing in some new clothes for the upcoming season. Even though, it’s quite difficult to finding the right clothing style that flatters your body type and on top of that completely matches to your personality. One of the trends that never go out of style is wearing stripped shirts as they look stylish and goes well on every season.

Stripe shirts are available in three styles:
1.    Vertical
2.    Stripped
3.    Diagonal style pattern

Try to choose stripes carefully as it can be your figure flattering best friend or your worst enemy. So, it’s necessary to knowing the right tricks when and how to carry these shirts.

Go for vertical Tri Mountain Stripes Shirts as they always look good and compliment all body types. Moreover, vertical stripe shirts give a perfect, taller and slimmer look.

Use horizontal stripe shirts in a more careful way, as these shirts usually add volume in your body if you are too slim and thin. Try not to go for horizontal striped if you are big and tall. Make sure, it is not too tight or loose as an ill-fitting shirt will be uncomfortable and may break your personality image.

Opt for diagonal stripes, if you are overweight and tall it helpsyouhide your curves and body bulges.

So, choosing the right stripe patterned shirt is very important that compliments your figure, personality and style.

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