Monday, 29 July 2013

Tri mountain Women’s Casual Jackets- The Ultimate Choice of Cold Season

During the cold season and outdoor events, it's necessary to dress up with the right outerwear that keeps you warm and stay in style. Check out the versatile styles of Tri mountain women’s winter casual jackets that looks perfect for casual and outdoor settings.

Fleece Jackets

Women’s Brushed Back Fleece Jacket

This style of women’s jacket is the perfect outerwear choice for cold season. Its quality 100% polyester anti-pilling micro fleece fabric allows the high level of comfort and additional warmth for long. Its breathable and moisture wicking fabric wick body moisture away and makes you feel cool an dry.
Water Proof Jackets

Women’s Water Resistant Long Sleeve Jacket

This style of women’s jacket is perfect for outdoor settings. This three-season jacket can be worn during all three seasons. It is constructed with a shell constructed with windproof/water resistant polyester fabric which renders excellent protection against extreme snow and rainy weather. Layer it with your casual shirt and pair it with sweat pants, long straight trousers to keep you comfortable and maintain added warmth.

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